Performance gear for the street

Performance gear for the street

With consumers looking for more technical performance and durability in their clothing, Germany’s Acronym might be the latest answer. Founded by ex-Burton and Gravis designer, Hugh Errolson, the tiny company takes durability and functionality to a new level, it might just be the first clothing company to find inspiration in a video game; the products look like they were inspired by Metal Gear Solid, instead of the standard Everest expedition. Perhaps we should mention that Errolson’s design experience includes projects for the Special Forces.

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Acronym’s limited-run products feature multiple elements and layers that foster functionality; they use Goretex, cashmere, fiber encapsulated technology and feature multiple pockets and fasteners.

It’s clear Errolson is aiming for a very discrete target; late twenty something city dwellers looking to make a strong personal statement. This brings Acronym into direct competition with elite outdoor brands like Arcteryx and to a lesser degree Burton. However, unlike both those brands, Acronym is not looking to the outdoors to gain credentials; this brand is all about design.

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Errolson already has credibility in the sports design community and was a keynote speaker at this year’s influencial ISPO show in Germany. The brand buzz is already spreading for Acronym with boutique retailers clambering to get hold of product.