Toyota takes scion to europe

Toyota takes scion to europeToyota takes scion to europe

Toyota is taking much is its learning from the successful launch of the Scion to Europe in the form of the Aygo. Although the Aygo is a completely different design from the Scion, similar marketing tactics will be used.

Like Scion, Toyota intends to use the brand as a bridge to the parent Toyota, it will be launched with a non-traditional marketing effort that includes events and the internet

This “Scion-like” marketing is already underway on the web, where you can find 10 European artists creating their own design treatment for the Aygo. The website has expected features like mixers, mobile logos, urban diaries and screensavers.

The car is more of a Smart competitor, in the newly developing micro-city-car space and boasts the astonishing fuel economy of 61 mpg. This is the type of car that could do well in China given the urban congestion and pollution problems.

It will be really interesting to see if Toyota can achieve success in Europe by using a US type marketing approach.

Clemmow, Hornby and Inge handles the European advertising account

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