Best Casual Dating Apps If You Just Want To Hook UpBest Casual Dating Apps If You Just Want To Hook Up

There are ton of dating apps on the market, and their use is increasingly commonplace and accepted. If you’re looking for the best dating app for you, you’ll have to go through much trial and error to find just what you’re after. What if you just want to hookup and you don’t want any sort of relationship?  And what if you’re just looking for a fuc buddy In these article we’ll give you our top three hookup app recommendations.


The MegaPersonals app is specifically created for a no-strings-attached hookups, and it’s our favorite of the bunch. In addition, it provides users with the ability to quickly and easily find members who they like and wish to meet for the sake of no-strings hookup fun.

MegaPersonals, unlike other dating apps, isn’t about creating relationships or building a meaningful connection with someone, but rather, it’s about using the app to easily find and connect with like-minded people who are looking for hookups only.

The website was recently revamped and it now includes an intuitive profile builder that gives users more of an ability to express themselves in order to make it easier for them to find members who they’re looking for.

This is an app created for those who aren’t looking for anything serious.

Users on the app are expected to get physical, but the app won’t be your go-to for long-term relationships.

Users can be members for free, but in order to access certain premium features, such as live events, users will need to purchase the app’s premium membership.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish, although not specifically made for hookups, is definitely one of the better dating apps around.

It’s not the easiest app to use for newbies, however, and its interface can seem a bit confusing at first. That said, it’s the best dating app for those who don’t want a relationship.

The app can help users find members they like, but it won’t be the main focus of their use of the app. Users who want to have long-term relationships will likely be turned off by the app’s user interface.  However, there are a number of older women and even grannies willing to hookup on this free adult dating app.

Users can easily search for members who are nearby. It’s also easy to message them, and users are provided with an opportunity to have casual hookup chats in private with new members, just for fun.

The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Match is one of the top dating apps in the marketplace. The interface is pretty clean and easy to use. In addition, it’s easy to get to know a new person through the app.

If you’re looking for a hookup only, Match will be one of the better options to help you find someone to have fun with.

The app works on iOS and Android platforms. Users have a few options when it comes to using the app, and the most popular ones are their website, mobile apps, and desktop apps.

Although not exactly aimed at hookups, Match does offer some features that can help users find people for no-strings-attached fun. It’s also a really good app if you’re looking for a serious relationship or something more meaningful.

Match is the number one dating app in the market.

Which hookup app is right for you?

The good news about the rise of the dating app world is that you have many good options at your disposal when it comes to the best dating app. Each app is different, and there’s no one best dating app out there.

The best dating app for you depends on how serious you are about finding someone to hook up with. Some people just want to find casual fun, while others want something more serious.

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Best Swinger Dating AppsBest Swinger Dating Apps

New couples can explore their sexual boundaries and give themselves the opportunity to breathe something fresh into their relationships. Whether it’s a brisk threesome or a new experience that helps put an end to the boredom and intimacy of spending years with just one person, there’s always something to hold on to. 

Threesome apps are an excellent tool if you’re looking for a trois. Using an app to find a threesome can be a painless process as long as you’re prepared.

We’ve brought together the leading Tinder-style dating apps for couples, swingers and lovers of threesomes to create a common platform where you can compare and at the end of the day make an informed decision. Here is everything you need to know about the best apps for threesomes and how to use them.


3Somer is a dating app that connects childlike, curious, open-minded couples, singles and like-minded people who want to explore similar sexual fantasies. Once you and your partner have signed up, you then can explore other couples’ profiles and start connecting. 

You can browse couples, chat with people and arrange meetings. If you are interested in polyamory and sharing. Something as simple as a traditional, complex dating app is not possible without 3Somer. The features of 3Somer are similar to classic dating apps and are comprehensive, but not as refreshing.


For non-specific app choices, there are many like OkCupid that offer a variety of search options for all relationship types. The app has over two million users, and this stands out as one of the fastest growing. It would be a mess to break it up into a section, so we’ve split the apps “features into their own sub-sections. OkCupid has features that make it stand out from the other dating apps on the market.

SLS Swingers

At SLS Swingers, you’ll find one of the most popular swingers dating sites. This one’s more than a typical swipe-style dating app like Tinder, but they’ve also got members galleries, full of sexy photos and videos, and an active community where like-minded couples can connect across the world.


If you are wondering how to meet people willing to have threesome, then 3Rder is a good choice. Unlike other similar connected apps, this one is dedicated to doing what it does best: providing a convenient and secure gay connection platform for users. 

If you feel like having a good time, this app allows you to sign up as an individual or as part of a couple. If the voyeuristic aspect of threes turns you off, you will find many arrangements that allow you to be a spectator while others descend. This app strives to integrate the swingers community more into the mainstream, so that users can experience brisk threesomes and group sex in abundance in the app. 

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